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Advancement of Learning German (Sprachförderung)

German language acquisition training- because good German language skills are important.
It is a natural ability of man to learn more than one language. Many children are raised multilingually. They speak Italian, Russian, Turkish or another language with their families. However, they speak German with their friends in everyday life, in kindergarten or in school. To be multilingual is a gift!

We, the communal advice office for migrants and intercultural affairs (Büro für Migration und Integration), support your child in the development of his or her language skills by offering training in German language acquisiton for small learning groups in kindergarten or school.
German language skills are vital for participating in everyday life in kindergarten.
Good command of German is also necessary to comprehend lessons in school without difficulties.
The communal advice office for migrants and intercultural affairs organises training in German language acquisition in cooperation with kindergartens and schools.

The training is funded by the city of Waldkirch, the federal state of Baden- Württemberg and fees paid by parents.
If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


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